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We signed Grant up for a painting class where I volunteer. This was his haul. All of this together cost $56.34 and that was with $14.09 taken off for a 20% discount. JoAnn Fabrics is apparently having a thing where all students get 20% off this month (by me, anyway), so that was nice. So, he’ll be getting him some learning soon. 
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We signed Grant up for a painting class where I volunteer. This was his haul. All of this together cost $56.34 and that was with $14.09 taken off for a 20% discount. JoAnn Fabrics is apparently having a thing where all students get 20% off this month (by me, anyway), so that was nice. 

So, he’ll be getting him some learning soon. 

And we’ve seen all that mockery too. And what we want to say, or would say if anyone would actually be willing to listen, is… nine times out of ten, when you scratch the surface on someone who is trying very hard to live in a fantasy world, you will not find a spoiled brat who is just so spoiled they think they’re entitled to be Someone Special and created their fantasy because reality didn’t give them all the specialness they thought they deserved. You will find someone whose real, waking life is mostly unpleasant. Someone who is being constantly bullied, or abused by their family. Someone who has some disability that no one has ever acknowledged and just doesn’t understand why things that come effortlessly to others are such an uphill struggle for them. Someone who is cognitively completely out of synch with what others expect from someone of their age, and deeply confused about the most fundamental aspects of what’s going on around them. Someone with severe depression or anxiety or PTSD that started long before they tried to cope with it by creating a fantasy world because they had no other resources available to them. Someone who has few or no friends who aren’t bullies or pity friends, outside of groups that might give them an opportunity to do all this stuff in a place where it’s considered normal.


Can’t emphasize this enough.  Bullying people, especially teens for some reason, for creating fantasy worlds to escape reality, is a really horrible thing to do.  Especially given what those teens are usually facing.  I was one of those teens, I did not and do not deserve one iota of the bullying I have gotten then or now because of anything I did.  I was doing my best to survive a horrible, complicated situation, and I would defy any of these bullies to do better in my shoes.  I don’t think they could.

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What really bothers me is sometimes people use the bullying and the hurt as reasons why it’s “sick” and “pathetic” to be so involved in a fantasy world. But everybody does things to cope with pain. Why should fantasizing be more worthy of contempt than anything else? It really hurts that people think this way.

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I don’t understand it either.

And I’ve seen a number of people who used fantasy to cope with pain, who came out perfectly fine in the end— as fine as anyone could be, given the circumstances they went through.

There’s this bizarre and sick idea in Western culture that fantasy, as well as storytelling and humor, are somehow “luxuries,” when they’re some of the most fundamental coping skills human beings use to get through terrible situations.  We touched on that more in this post.

I just don’t know what to say when I see people verbally tearing the shit out of someone who used fantasy to cope with an awful situation, accusing them of “wanting attention.”  Like it would be a crime even if they DID want attention.  It can be a cry for help from people who have never been taught in their life that they have the right to want a way out.

I keep being reminded of this quote by Tolkien about certain kinds of fantasy being “the escape of a prisoner, not the desertion of a soldier.”  And it seems like all most people can see it as is the desertion of a soldier, so to speak.


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*rolls around*
Okay, so the Legion actually got a good amount of stuff done today:
~Min got her paperwork for switching all her shit for her job done (which included going to the HR place and then to the library to make sure she got the direct deposit stuff)
~I picked up my corrected BHLP certificate (which they apparently already had bUT THE NOTIFICATION GOT LOST IN MY E-MAIL)
~Got Min new work shoes (mules so she doesn’t have to worry about the laces anymore) and apparently our sneakers were dead, and there was BOGO, so we got sneakers too (and now I am sad because the cashier there was cute bUT I WASN’T PRESENTING AS MALE so no flirts for me sighs)
~Dropped some stuff off at Goodwill (with more to come, I’m sure, as we’re clearing out the rooms)
~And then we went home and forgot to go to the bank so now we feel silly but that was too taxing without food so we’re going to eat and hopefully recharge and if we can manage to drag our butts out again, we’ll go to the bank and get kitty litter





Not all of us have birthdays. Some of us didn’t but chose one after. It made me wonder, do you guys’ systems all have birthdays? Were they always there or were they chosen? Are they important days to you guys or just there?

Some of us have birthdays but I’m not really sure why, they just kind of came with them… but we dont remember specific dates of when stuff happened so I cant tell if they’re important or not :S

Heather and I decided to celebrate her birthday on the first of every year, and she’s the only alter that ages naturally (aside from me) Jaime age slides, but has no birthday. The others remain the same

Some of us have birthdays (four of us have the body’s birthday, but one of us has the original due date (3 weeks earlier) as his birthday). Others either chose it or we used the day they showed up and called it their Manifestation Day :3 

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Dissociative Disorders


Dissociative disorders involve a breakdown in memory, awareness, identity and/or perception. The four main types are:

·         Dissociative amnesia: Here, the person can’t remember important personal information surrounding a traumatic experience. This creates gaps in their personal history.

·         Dissociative fugue: This is where the person impulsively wanders or disappears from their home - and can’t remember who they are, or anything about their past. Thus, they feel confused with no consistent identity. Usually, they move to a new location immediately after a stressful event. To others who do not know the individual, they appear to be functioning normally. The condition is usually diagnosed when family members find their lost relative

·         Dissociative identity disorder: Previously known as “multiple personality disorder”, this is where a person switches between two or more identities. Each has control of the person at different times. Also, each identity has its own name, history and personality. The person only remembers a selection of personal information - depending on which identity is currently controlling them

·         Depersonalization disorder: Key symptoms are a feeling of detachment or estrangement from the self. The person feels as if they are living in a dream, detached and looking down at their body, or watching themselves on a movie screen. Thus, they feel as if they’re “losing their mind”.

Dissociative disorders are thought to be a way of coping with trauma. They are most commonly seen in individuals who have experienced chronic childhood physic, sexual or emotional abuse. It may also be associated with growing up in a home which is frightening, chaotic or highly unpredictable. For example, Kluft (1987) reviewed the issues involved in multiple personality disorder and found that in 97% of the cases the person had experienced child abuse, and usually this was sexual abuse.


The following factors are believed to predispose a person to developing dissociative disorder:

·         The child is dissociation-prone (That is, they have high hypnotisability)

·         The child was molested or seriously abused

·         He or she was unable to escape the abuse

·         The child dissociated to psychically escape from the trauma

·         This mode of coping was used to deal with less traumatic events in the future

CBT is the primary treatment for dissociative disorders as it is important to teach the clients new ways to cope with stress. Hypnosis is another popular technique as it provides a way for the person to work through traumatic experiences. Some therapists use art therapy as way of dealing with the memories. Although no specific medications are prescribed, sometimes a doctor will suggest tranquilizers, antidepressants or anti-anxiety medication.

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