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I was engaged once…

I bought her the engagement ring…

(yes, those are our actual hands; the ring was silver with a pearl & diamond meant to symbolize the singing ring from The 10th Kingdom; Wolf buys it for Virginia):

I even knew what my wedding dress was going to look like, where it was going to come from:


We knew we wanted it somewhere like this:

Due to her love for Alice in Wonderland, our cake would have probably looked like this:

Our wedding bands would have been something of this nature:

We probably would have been handfasted…

We wanted a Victorian house, like this:

But she’s gone now.
And this will never happen.
My alters even approved of her, before the entire thing blew up in my face.
Now more alters have shown up since then and I highly doubt that this will ever, in fact, happen.
My alters need to approve of all the people I encounter because if I end up being around people who are too negative or trigger me too much, the alters will make sure I get them out of my life and for good.
So, so much for that dream.
I’ll probably be attending her wedding at some point in the near future (I’m not kidding, she’s probably going to be done in a year or so) and it’s going to kill me to go and see her marrying someone else.
I just don’t know how this baggage, on top of everything else, is not going to scare someone away from me.
*Forever alone*, I suppose.  

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