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So, fun story. I was just informed that albeit being the main personality, I am not the Core. I am, apparently, an alter. There’s two more - Rebecca and Bekky. Rebecca has two alters. Bekky and Rini (me). …and I have eight alters. Interesting.

Honestly, the weirdest thing about this is my reaction: 
I was relieved that Rebecca’s parents and sister weren’t mine.
But I was really sad that Rebecca’s brother isn’t mine.
I’m not their daughter. I suppose, in a way, if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t exist…but…they did not give birth to me.
I cried a little bit…more out of relief than out of sadness.
I’m not sure if I truly, fully comprehend the entire thing and grasp this…but for now, I’m okay, I think.  

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