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Because a new link has been discovered…we’re gonna make dolls of everyone again x3 Because we can. And it’s fun. And it’s what happens when you have insomnia. ANYWAYS.

We used this

So, we’re assuming Rebecca looks like the body, like this:

Because, quite honestly, if I had my way, Rini (me), would look like this (I’m going to get a job where I can dye my hair that color, I swear):

Tucker decided to show me what Bekky looked like (because I have yet to encounter her beyond some mumbling @.@):
Wow, a ginger. Fascinating o.o

And now for everyone else ^_^








Apparently, Argentum actually has violet-blue eyes that sometimes appear red @.@ So, now 1. I’m confused and 2. Why didn’t I notice that before? XD Charlie pointed it out @.@

Zed, as I would imagine she’d look as a human, I guess? I didn’t wanna leave her outta the fun XD:


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